Indoor Skydive Roosendaal
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Tell your story – april

Wij zijn erg benieuwd naar jouw bijzondere of unieke indoor skydive verhaal. Daarom hebben we maandelijks een win-actie, Tell us your story! Uit alle inzendingen kiezen we iedere maand een winnaar. Deze winnaar wint een voucher voor 2 personen indoor skydiven en daarnaast wordt er een blogbericht van gemaakt. Meedoen kan door een e-mail te sturen naar marketing@sis-leisuregroup.nl met jouw verhaal.

Deze maand is Michael de winnaar. Als een echte skydiver met 700 gemaakte sprongen kwam hij met zijn gezin naar Indoor Skydive Roosendaal. Lees hieronder zijn verhaal.

Tell us your story – Michael

“Yesterday, my wife Veerle (from Belgium) and my son Sebastian (5 years of age) and I (from Germany) went for the first time to ISR. We are living close to Gent in Belgium. To sum it all up

“What a great experience!!!”

The reason why we even thought about doing this, was because I skydived for real when I was younger. I am now 48 and between 1982 and 1996 did some 700 jumps in Germany and several countries in Europe. During that time I followed several disciplines competitively like accuracy jumping but later on relative work in 4-way and 8-way but also 16-way speed competition and big formations of which the biggest one was a 58 man formation which was part of a 64 man German record attempt which ultimately failed though (jumping out of three planes and a helicopter if I recall correctly). During that time I was also a skydive instructor.

For my father’s day present, I got now this voucher for ISR. Before we departed to Roosendaal and we showed the great promotion video of ISR here to our son . As a result he was all over it and got really excited to join.

So yesterday, we showed up. We had pre-booked a ‘family & friends package’ (5×1 minute per person) and were greeted by an unbelievably enthusiastic Koen who was our instructor. He was very accommodating and professional in how he lead us through the whole process. Our son felt very comfortable and at the end of the 5 minutes skydive experience, he even did some 10 seconds skydive without any support. So the first thing he said when coming out of the tunnel: “Yeah baby, when can we do it again?”

Michael Koch ISR

Rest assured we will be back very soon for even longer sessions.

On a final note: ISR is really doing a great job in getting people into skydiving. The amount of free fall experience newcomers and professionals can do in a short time is just stunning. If I compare to my past, jumping out of typical 4-way altitude of 3,000 meters at that time gave you some 35 seconds of competition free fall time  and there was heaps of efforts involved like getting to the airport, weather had to be good, packing your parachute, waiting in line for a plane, plane reaching the altitude etc. etc..Even if you have the greatest of days, one was seldomly able to do more than 6 jumps a day i.e. 3 minutes of total practice. At ISR you can do 10 minutes within an hours’ time frame. Great for newbies as well because when they finally do a real jump, they have this whole anxiety about free fall out of the way and super under control due to ISR and can now fully concentrate on jumping out of a plane, pull the parachute and land safely. What a leap frog in development.

We would like to congratulate ISR for their operation. Keep up the enthusiasm and expect all of us plus more friends back very soon!”


Heb jij ook een bijzonder verhaal die jij graag met ons wilt delen. Stuur ons jouw verhaal naar marketing@indoorskydive.com. Iedere maand kiezen wij het leukste en/of meest bijzondere verhaal uit. Dit verhaal krijgt een eigen blogbericht en wint een voucher voor 2 personen!