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Get your T.I. course

Become a certified Tunnel Instructor by following a course at Indoor Skydive Roosendaal! (About 10 - 20 hours tunnel time)

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€ 650 per hour (± 10 - 20 hours tunneltime needed)

Become a certified tunnel instructor!

Indoor Skydive Roosendaal is one of the few tunnels that can help you achieve a Tunnel Instructor qualification. The course will take place at Indoor Skydive Roosendaal in the Netherlands.

Tunnel Instructor

The Tunnel Instructor Organisation is a nonprofit organisation that promotes safe training and best practice within the wind tunnel industry. The aim of the Organisation is to guarantee that tunnel staff is educated according to what is believed to be best practice in training and safety. We are happy with our cooperation with Tunnel Instructor. In this way we ensure that we continue to grow and maintain the highest attainable standard for our guests. Tunnel Instructor works with the following rating system:

★ Class A Spotter
★★ Class A and Class A+ Spotter
★★ Class A and Class B Spotter
★★★ All the above
★★★★ Trainer
★★★★★ Examiner

The course

In order to complete the basic instructor course each person is required to complete the theory and practical portions of the course. There is approximately 6 hours of theory. The practical lessons can generally be achieved in 10 – 20 hours of tunnel time. The completion of the course is dependent on how well the individual understands and learns the course principles. The course will be tailored to the individual. Experience as an indoor skydiver is desired, but not mandatory. The following level will be teached during the T.I. course:

★ Class A Spotter: this is the basic instructor course. An instructor can begin working in a tunnel with this qualification.

I had a great time in roosendal with Joey and the rest of the team! Due to a lack of time I had to get my rating as soon as possible Joey managed to  make it quick while knowing when too much was too much. I had back problems on the last day before exam and was scared not to be able to do it properly. Joey told me to rest and drove me to the chiropractor to fix it a bit, gave me few days to rest and told me to come back when I was feeling  strong. The all team is super friendly and the newer instructor really helped me being confident and shared their own experience. Hope to get there  soon to fly with them all!

     – Oscar Pessy (course participant)

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Indoor Skydive Roosendaal
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