Give an original birthday present

Surprise the birthday boy or girl with the unique indoor skydive experience!

origineel verjaardagscadeau

Unique birthday present

Indoor skydive as a gift

Whoever is celebrating his or her birthday will be surprised! Imagine how nice is will be to give an indoor skydive as a gift? In the indoor skydive Roosendaal wind tunnel you will undergo the unique free fall experience without jumping out of an airplane. Indoor skydiving gives a huge adrenaline boost and is an unforgettable experience. The most original gift you can imagine.

Order gift cards

Ordering a gift voucher has never been so easy. You can order your gift voucher immediately online. Then you will receive the indoor skydive tickets directly in your home. Choose at least 5 indoor skydive sessions. After 5 sessions, you only really experience how nice the indoor skydiving is. The more indoor skydive sessions you book, the more fun it becomes! Check out the indoor skydive prices.