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Experience the ultimate flying holiday near home, at Indoor Skydive Roosendaal! This summer you are at the right place for the most original getaway! Come indoor skydiving together with your partner, friends or family and take advantage of the whole summer of our summer deal! Book your indoor skydive sessions now and get 1 free indoor skydiving session! Are you ready to take off? Book your most original flight holiday now!


Our experience tells us at least 5 indoor skydive sessions ensure the highest appreciation of our guests. Check out our packages and prices in the shop.


After 5 sessions, you really enjoy the fun of indoor skydiving! The more you fly, the more fun it is!


Which experience suits you?

Do you want to know what you’re expecting during the indoor skydiving? Discover the world of indoor skydiving and read our special indoor skydive page. Get inspired on our video channel! Are you coming for the second time indoor skydiving? Then read our frequent flyers page. From second timers to the pro’s!

I did a lot of diving, but now I'm about to dive in the wind!

— Jean- Marie Pfaff, former professional goalie