Unforgettable bachelor parties

For the last time, experience the ultimate sense of freedom!


If a woman about 90 years old have been indoor skydiving, my mother at the age of 101 can do it as well!

— Carlo Boszhart, dutch TV-host

Unforgettable bachelor party

A bachelor party must be an unforgettable day for the upcoming bride or groom. A unique day that will often be discussed. Let the bachelor experience the ultimate sense of freedom for the last time, in our wind tunnel!

✔ Unforgettable bachelor party
✔ Tailor-made party (ask for possibilities)
✔ Get your indoor skydive certificate
✔ An unique experience

Complete the bachelor party and combine the indoor skydiving with a lot of different specialty beers from the bar. Especially for bachelor groups, dining bar Bravo24 offers ‘dare to share’ dinners with all kinds of delicious dishes. Let’s get surprised!