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I got to have a few more lessons and a lot of coaching, but it was a massive experience!

— Bert Vischer, dutch comedian

Indoor skydiving

You can fly!! And that really is true, and you can even skydive indoors! Indoor Skydive Roosendaal offers you this unique “free fall” experience, without you having to jump out of an aircraft.

Roosendaal has the first Indoor Skydive Centre in the Benelux, where you can skydive indoors. You will float in a wind tunnel as though you were undertaking a real free fall – purely through the power of the wind. An unforgettable experience! More than 10 years skydivers come here to train, first timers get the ultimate experience and companies come for the most unique events!

This page will provide you all the information about skydiving indoors. From history to all the information you need to know when you’re having your first flight. Read on and enjoy!

Indoor Skydive

Ten years ago Indoor Skydive Roosendaal was the first indoor skydiving centre of the Benelux!


Wat is indoor skydiven?

Indoor skydiven doe je in een zogenoemde verticale windtunnel. In de windtunnel wordt de vrije val bij het parachutespringen nagebootst. Daarbij beweegt de lucht van beneden naar boven met snelheden die variëren van o tot en met 275 kilometer per uur. Voor mensen is het dus mogelijk om veilig in een verticale windtunnel te vliegen zonder daarvoor gebruik te hoeven maken van een vliegtuig of een parachute.

De geschiedenis van indoor skydiven

De geschiedenis van indoor skydiven gaat terug naar de jaren zestig en zeventig. Toen was men bezig met de ontwikkeling van een systeem om een vrije val te simuleren. Dit systeem werd ontwikkeld voor militaire parachutisten, om zo te kunnen trainen. Skydiven, indoor is namelijk vele malen efficiënter dan outdoor. Al gaandeweg heeft de sport zich verder ontwikkeld. Er zijn steeds betere technieken gekomen om de vrije val te simuleren. Het resultaat zijn de indoor skydive windtunnels die we vandaag de dag kennen. Indoor Skydive Roosendaal is er hier één van.

Tegenwoordig is indoor skydiven in een windtunnel óók een recreatieve sport geworden. Naast dat defensie, militaire parachutisten en hobby parachutisten windtunnels gebruiken om te trainen. Zijn het ook de dagjesmensen die de weg naar de windtunnel goed weten te vinden!

International diplomated instructors are working at Indoor Skydive Roosendaal!


Who's it for?

Everyone can skydive indoors! And everyone is allowed to skydive indoors! Are you between the ages of 4 and 88? Then you are permitted to skydive indoors in Roosendaal. Certainly it is important that you are in good health if you come to skydive indoors with us.

Do you have a mental or physical disability? People with a disability or physical impairment are also offered an unforgettable experience at Indoor Skydive Roosendaal. Because even with a disability or a physical impairment  you can experience the ultimate feeling of freedom, and you can come to skydive indoors.
Everyone can skydive indoors as long as:
  • you are older than 4 (children have to be able to wear our helmets correctly during indoor skydiving)
  • you are not pregnant
  • you do not have any dislocated shoulder history (contact your doctor or specialist first, or get in touch with us)
  • you are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • you have permission from parents or guardians if you are under 18
  • you have signed Indoor Skydive Roosendaal’s indemnity/waiver form
In case of any doubt, please call us. In almost all instances we will find a suitable solution

Our tunnel is powered by 12 engines!


Get ready to fly: dit staat jou te wachten!

You’re going to skydive indoors, awesome! But how exactly does that work?

Preparation begins at home. Ensure in any case that you are wearing comfortable clothes. You don’t have to wear special shoes – you will get some from us.

On arrival at Indoor Skydive Roosendaal we will first give you an overall, shoes, a helmet, safety goggles and earplugs. You will then change, and we’ll take you to the instruction area. With help from a video, you will see exactly how indoor skydiving works.

Thus you will learn the posture you need to adopt to enter the wind tunnel, and you will also learn how the instructor, your supervisor, will be able to give you instructions in the wind tunnel. Talking to each other is not possible because of the wind, so the instructor will teach you special physical positions like stretching out your legs or holding your head high.

And that’s all there is to it, you’re going to skydive indoors! On a large screen you will see exactly when it’s your turn to enter the wind tunnel. Per skydive session you will be in the wind tunnel for 60 seconds. That’s why it’s important to be ready on time. Because of course you don’t want to miss any of your time in the wind tunnel.
Your unique experience begins at that moment in Indoor Skydive Roosendaal. You are floating! In the initial skydive session the instructor will help you to find the most ideal position, and once you’ve got the feel for it then you can very quickly float entirely independently through the tunnel.
Once you’ve completed your time in the wind tunnel, that’s when the afterglow begins! The adrenalin is still coursing through your body! The instructor takes you to explain how you did in the wind tunnel. On completion everyone gets a special Indoor Skydive Certificate showing what components you mastered. This certificate is important, because you need to bring it along the next time you come to skydive indoors. That’s because once you have mastered all the components of indoor skydiving, then you are permitted to enter the wind tunnel independently (or with friends who have also completed the certificate).
On conclusion, you may also pay for a DVD to take home, to show friends and family that you have skydived indoors. Hopefully you are so enthusiastic that we will soon be able to welcome you back again!

Are you ready to fly?

Wereldwijd zijn er inmiddels zo'n 123 windtunnels open voor het publiek!


Windtunnel facts

Indoor Skydive Roosendaal was zo’n 10 jaar geleden het eerste indoor skydivecenter in de hele Benelux! In de afgelopen tien jaar hebben wij dan ook ontzettend veel kennis opgedaan op het gebied van indoor- en outdoor skydiven! Zo hebben onze instructeurs ontzettend veel expertise in huis. Zij zijn goed getraind en zelfs internationaal gediplomeerd!

Verder kunnen we met zekerheid zeggen dat Roosendaal dé indoor skydive city is vlak langs de grens van België. Onder professionele begeleiding van onze indoor skydive instructeurs ervaren onze gasten veilig hun indoor skydive sessies!

Windtunnel facts

Ben je benieuwd hoe onze windtunnel vlakbij België precies werkt? Wij hebben een aantal technische weetjes voor jou verzameld:

  • De windtunnel heeft een totale hoogte van zo’n 23,5 meter.
  • Onderaan in de tunnel vind je 12 motoren die ongeveer voor zo’n 275 kilometer per uur wind kunnen zorgen!
  • Indoor Skydive Roosendaal heeft een gebouwoppervlakte van zo’n 3.300 m².
  • De indoor skydive tunnel heeft een doorsnede van 16 meter.
  • De doorsnede van de vliegkamer is zo’n 4,27 meter.
  • De windtunnel heeft een luchtcapaciteit van 3.500.000 m³ per uur.

Mocht je tijdens jouw bezoek nog vragen hebben over de indoor skydive tunnel? Vraag het gerust aan onze medewerkers! Zij beantwoorden met veel plezier al jouw vragen.

Hight of tunnel (meters)
Max. km/h speed of wind

Do's and don'ts during your flight


  • Like us on Facebook!
  • Come and take a look! Everyone is allowed to have a look in the wind tunnel, so that you can see exactly how indoor skydiving works.
  • Most importantly, enjoy indoor skydiving! It’s an exceptional experience and you should get the absolute best from it.
  • Follow the instructor’s instructions well. That’s how to get the best from your time in the wind tunnel.
  • Come with a group. Indoor skydiving is even nicer if you can share this exceptional experience with family, friends or colleagues.
  • Safety is primary, so don’t take any loose items into the wind tunnel. Store valuable possessions in our safe.
  • Alcohol and drug use is absolutely forbidden.
  • Don’t forget to laugh